What is Clay Tile Roofing?

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One of the most popular and well-liked choices in roofing materials is clay roof tiles — they’re highly durable, long lasting, and very attractive. Homeowners across the country love them. Clay roof tiles are generally easy to maintain and there’s little to no required maintenance for a number of years after professional installation.


About clay roof tiles

Clay roofing tiles are fairly easy to manufacture. Traditional clay tiles were produced with a mixture of clay and aggregates rolled into rectangular shapes, while each tile had two holes in order to adhere it to the roof later. The wet tiles were then dried and subsequently fired in a hot kiln.

Overall, the clay tile roofs consisted of baked clay tiles. In the kiln firing, the shape of the clay tile was tilted, which gave it a unique appearance, adding to the beauty of the roof. Initially, the crafting process, hand molding, and uneven temperatures lead to the various sizes and shapes. There was a veritable difference between the color and hues because of the clay’s special mix, various temperatures, and the length of the firing that all contributed to the end result.

Throughout the Victorian era there was a great deal of experimentation and a number of multicolored tiles were created by modifying kiln firing and heat duration. But, the modern methods used today use high-quality dyes and the process has ultimately taken the guesswork out of manufacturing the tiles.

clay tile roofingThe durability of a clay roof tile

Regardless of where you live, clay tiles are a superb choice for residential homes since they are decay, fire, and pest resistant. Since fired clay roof tiles are so durable, they’re quite difficult to break or damage. It’s common for them to last a number of years with proper installation.

Clay tiles are the perfect way to give any home the look of the Mediterranean. Even modern townhomes today often sport the look of classy clay roof tiles.

Although they’re a bit pricey upfront to install, they make up for it in longevity. Clay roof tiles come in a wide variety of styles and brands to please even the choosiest homeowner in terms of appearance and decor. Because clay tiles are a low-maintenance product, the initial expense of installing them is offset since they’re so easy to care for overall.

Clay roof tile installation

In order to increase the lifespan of clay roofing tiles as long as possible, it’s important to have them installed by experienced roofing professionals who know how to work on them. Home experts advise against homeowners walking on a clay tile roof since they have a tendency to break if excessive pressure is applied. Also, they aren’t vulnerable to fire since they’re basically a non-combustible product, which makes your home safer in general. Choose from various colors and shapes that will accommodate virtually any home’s architecture. — By Jane Blanchard from Modernize

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