What is Gambrel Roofing?

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Gambrel roofing is awesome! Sure, that’s a bold statement to make, but the truth is that they really are awesome.

Let’s first talk about what a gambrel roof is. The simplest explanation that they’re symmetrical roofs with two slopes on each side. The first of these slopes is more shallow while the second slope is much steeper. Picture a barn roof, and you’re getting an idea of what we’re talking about.


Just because barn roofs are one of the most common styles of gambrel roofing does not mean it’s the only style and use of this awesome type of roofing.

One big advantage is they allow wider buildings and maximize head space, so the upper level of the home has much more usable space. This works great if you want a full attic or even another bedroom or living area.

gambrel roofingDurability

Modern technology has played a major role in the popularity of gambrel roofing. Thanks to modern building materials, these types of roofs can withstand much more wind pressure. This is done with minimal framing and leaves the door open for more creative floor plans and even some fancier architecture designs.

Finally, gambrel roofs have a rich heritage. Since they are so easy to put together, they have been in use for hundreds of years. Built in 1677, the oldest known gambrel roof in America was on the second Harvard Hall at Harvard University.

So there you have it. Several reasons and examples of why gambrel roofing is, in fact, so awesome. If you are looking to add a little extra space to your home design with a touch of the traditional, a gambrel roof may be the answer for you. — From Modernize

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