Windows | 3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows Right Now

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Windows | 3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows Right Now


Windows |  Windows that are installed for years become loose and are not safe. A burglar could easily pry them open and enter the house. These windows also adversely affect the appearance of your home from the outside as well as from the inside. Thus, in such a case it becomes necessary for a homeowner to replace them. Here are three reasons why every homeowner must replace their old ones.

Reason # 1

An old window that becomes loose is unable to keep the coolness or the heat trapped inside the home. This is why the HVAC system has to work continuously to heat or cool the home; this increases the homeowner’s electricity bill. In such a case, a homeowner should replace their old with a new one and put a limit on its electricity bill.

Reason # 2

As they become old, they are unable to keep the UV rays out from your home. The UV light that enters the house along with the sunlight affects the furniture and décor of the home and makes them loose their shine and gloss. Now one obvious solution is to always keep your windows covered with curtains. The other solution is to replace the old windows with a new one and enjoy the sunlight in your home without worrying about the UV rays.

Reason # 3

A stimulus package was passed by the US Federal Government in 2009 that allows 30% tax credit to the tax payer if they have purchased an energy saving product. The good news is that replacement windows and doors also qualify to be named as energy saving product.

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